Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
Female Figure Study 2Male Figure Study 2Female Figure Study 1Male Figure Study 1 - Rear View
Figure Studies
Sculptors may execute figure studies as part of their ongoing study of human anatomy, or as preparatory "sketches" for a specific piece. The key design elements in any figure study are proportion, gesture, and balance (or weighting).

If the final figure is to be clothed, it will be modeled as a nude first, and only after the artist is satisfied with the design elements and anatomical details will the figure be "draped" or clothed.

Each of these sample figure studies was executed in water-based clay on a wire armature (supporting "skeleton"), to a standard 24" height. Because of the interior metal, they cannot be fired; therefore if a permanent record is needed, they must be cast - typically in plaster.

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