Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
AdamThe Caretaker/Portrait of Lisa Z.Still She GrievesHamlet/The ExistentialistThe Advocate Portrait of Christopher WindleBikerVision-Maker Pioneer/Portrait of Colin WagnerMinature: Marty HirschYoung Amazon Eve All This Time, LordDreamerThe Face She PresentedPhilosopher/Portrait of Ming LuPoetJenn "Alla Prima"The Professor/Portrait of Bill
Portrait Busts
Rivkah Walton’s portrait busts honor or memorialize individuals, capturing personality through natural gesture, empathic sculpting, and attention to important details. She works from both life and detailed photographs.

The portraits are modeled in clay and either fired as terra cotta or cast in plaster, resin, or bronze. Limited editions are also available, and make moving gifts. A bust may also be reproduced in detail in stone.

Dark finishes obscure details in photographs; therefore, most pieces are depicted in their original clay state. In a few cases, a patina (colored finish) has been electronically simulated. The notes on each piece indicate its final patina. Some busts do not require a separate base; however, many finished pieces are mounted on walnut bases. An example may be seen in "Dreamer."

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Please contact Rivkah Walton to discuss commissioning a portrait bust for your home or institution, or as a special gift.