Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
RuthYael - The Hands of a WomanHagar in the WildernessRachel at the Well
Biblical Women
Each of these 7"-square reliefs presents a midrashic (interpretive) portrait of a biblical woman, based on a deep reading of the narratives of the Hebrew Bible, and many years delving into them as an improvisational bibliodramatist. A series of twelve reliefs is planned.

Each piece is originally modeled in clay, on which a plaster “waste mold” is made. After application of a mold release, plaster is poured into the mold. When this plaster sets, the waste mold is chipped away. The plaster copy is refined, and a rubber mold is made, which permits multiple identical copies to be cast.

Plaster, resin, and bronze editions are available. Each cast plaster relief is finished with a white patina and inserted in a shadow-box frame. Bronze and resin editions hang independently, with no frame required.

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Please contact Rivkah Walton to inquire about purchasing individual women's portraits or subscribing to the series.