Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
Cowboy GeorgeYouth in the Style of Desiderio da SettignanoSelf Portrait in a Time of GriefThe Flautist (Portrait of Mary Davis)No Doubt
Portrait Reliefs
Rivkah Walton’s bas (low) reliefs honor or memorialize individuals, companion animals, or important events. She works from both life and detailed photographs, and may use words, symbols, or decorative elements as part of the design.

The reliefs are modeled in clay and cast in plaster, resin, or bronze. Limited editions are also available, and make moving gifts. (Reliefs may also be reproduced in detail in stone, such as for grave markers.)

Note that because dark finishes obscure details in photographs, most pieces are depicted in their original clay state, with an electronically simulated patina (colored finish). However, most are darker, richer, and more subtly varied than can be shown here. Many reliefs do not require a separate frame; others are mounted in either a flat or shadow-box frame, as described in the notes.

Click on any thumbnail to view the entire relief and notes on the piece.

Please contact Rivkah Walton to discuss commissioning a unique relief for your home or institution, or as a special gift.