Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
Rachel at the Well
Patinated plaster - framed
7 x 7 x 1.25
Signed with artist's seal on left edge

Plaster, resin, and bronze editions available
Framed plaster - $400 + shipping/handling
Self-hanging resin/bronze - prices on request
Please inquire about the discount available for a subscription to the series.

This midrashic (interpretive) portrait of the biblical figure of Rachel depicts the pivotal moment in her life when she meets her cousin Jacob, whom she will eventually marry (Genesis 29:4-30). She stands by the proverbial watering hole, where so many biblical matches were made, and holds in her arms a lamb, emblematic of her role as a shepherd. Rachel stands under an apple tree, native to the region, from which hang two ripe apples, signifying the two sons she will have – Joseph and Benjamin. The broken branch foreshadows her untimely death in childbirth, but in this moment, she is simply a beautiful young girl meeting her basherte (intended).
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