Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
House for a Collector
Milwaukee, WI
15.5 x 11.5 x 2"
This medium-low relief for a new house on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, WI, commemorates the architects, builder and stone mason, date and place, and some of the special interests of the owner, Paul Woelbing. Designed for the brick wall of the exterior entryway of the brick, stone and glass house, it is an imagined still life composed largely of the tools of the trades bearing the logos/names of the firms, along with the signatures of the principals "grafitti'd" into the unfinished "back wall" behind the bricks. Look closely, and you will also find the homeowner's initial (W), an early Tiffany logo, a vintage motorcycle license plate, the date of construction (2013), a lake stone, and an animal who inhabits its perfect self-built house. Signed with artist's seal (RW).

Foundry work by John Phillips Casting, LLC.
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