Rivkah M. Walton, Sculptor
The Flautist (Portrait of Mary Davis)
Patinated plaster/Hydrocal(R)
12 x 16 x 2"
This bas relief portrait was commissioned by friends as a gift to Mary Davis, and was executed by sculptor Rivkah Walton based on photographs by the subject’s husband, Mark E. Davis. Taking a cue from the great American relief portraitist, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the artist chose to emphasize the face and hands of this accomplished flautist, connected by the linear body of her instrument.

I received the relief portrait that you did of me (The Flautist). I was absolutely surprised, thrilled, shocked, etc., by the work of art. It took my breath away - It is something I will treasure the rest of my life, and I am sure my kids will too. Thank you so much for doing this. I have already thanked my friends for the commission. It will be treasured. – Mary Davis

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